Hello world!

I honestly have no idea what I should be typing. This blog is for an English class and we were given almost absolute freedom in our writing. I’m not really wanting to type anything in particular. I suppose that I could continue to type about not knowing what to type. That in itself would be me typing about something.

I was never really fond of English classes in High School. There were always too many spelling assignments. Although I do know how to spell quite well I do not particularly enjoy it. The only thing worse than the spelling assignments was the reading. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy reading. What I did not enjoy is the fact that a lot of the books that we did read were either super boring or super depressing. I can get depressed enough on my own, I really don’t need help with that.


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. well what do i say on this blog. I agree with the i hate English class as well and i am sure you will find something to blog about. I have faith in your ability to form opinions on almost every topic.


  2. omg i love this blog i’m very interested in your train of though i hated English in high school my self and i agree 100% with the depression part like geez can we read some more upbeat material its depressing enough waking up every morning coming here lol

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